The idea for Free State came to me during a safety briefing at a local 3gun match in 2020.

Myself, along with the crew here at Free State shoot 3 gun competition. Towards the end of our 2020 season, we were asked if we would be interested in dedicating our final match of 2021 to raise money for a Purple Heart event.


After hearing the stories of these brave men, it occurred to me that as Americans we are all stakeholders in supporting the ones who defend our Country; that we can create opportunities to support and heal our veterans.


From that moment, Free State was born.

Free State is a simplistic Patriotic brand with one goal in mind: supporting the men and women who defend this great Country.

We’ll be donating 15% of every sale we make to support our veterans in any way we can; starting with the Purple Hearts that first ignited this mission for us.

The freedoms we have as Americans run deep into who we are as a Country.  We recognize that everyone has their own meaning of freedom.  As we venture out on this mission, we ask you, what's your freedom?

Scott Puglise